As a disabled veteran with PTSD, I found comfort and peace in working with my hands and creating amazing art out of raw material or vintage articles. I found it therapeutic learning new trades and putting my creative side to work by welding,cabinetry, restoration, and painting. By keeping myself busy with my hands, it kept my mind off of the past and put it to good use in the Now!

I want to offer our brave men and women the same opportunity. 3%, Artisans of Oklahoma Foundation will offer many forms of instructions including: painting, restoration of antiques, woodworking, carpentry, leather work, welding and blacksmithing. We start by teaching individuals to sketch their imagination out on paper, planning the logistics of the project, and then following up with producing the article imagined. While doing all of this, I am also instructing principles based off of Lean Six Sigma philosophy.

We are asking for charitable donations to help make this dream come true.
We would greatly appreciate any donations given. 3%, Artisans of Oklahoma Foundation is a non-profit (501c)
organization. Any donations received can be used as a tax write-off.

We honestly cannot thank you enough! This will truly make a difference in a Vets life! They gave everything for our freedom, it’s time for us to return the favor!

Reclaim Your Life One Nail At A Time