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Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma Professional 3-Gun Team

We also are involved with shooting events such as 3-Gun, Skeet shooting, etc. I am on the Professional 3-Gun team for the “WVO” Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma. With the funds raised from the WVO we offer veterans an all-paid trip to hunt and/or fish throughout the US. It is completely free for the veterans that wish to take part of this opportunity but are required to sign up through the WVO website,

We also offer veterans the opportunity to take part in 3-Gun matches within the Oklahoma and Arkansas area. We will pay for      their first event and provide all of the necessary equipment if they do not have it. This include loaning the required firearms, belts which include: holsters, magazine pouches, etc. They will be required to purchase their own if they choose to continue this sport.

Making of the first Ford Tailgate bench

The first bench project that we tackled! It came out looking great. The only downside was that it weighs roughly 650 lbs! Trust me when I say, this sucker isn’t going anywhere!

I used 2″ angle iron for the frame for durability. I knew it would have to withstand a ton of weight. I added an extra piece of plating to the back to which I welded the tailgate against. I used Oak wood, routing out the corners and staining. Finishing it off by painting the FAMOUS 3% Logo and then securing the finish with a poly coat.

I cut the crankshafts in half and welded the springs on top and reinforcing by placing a 2″ square tube in the center of the spring. That was then welded to the base of the angle iron.

1972 Chevy Tailgate Bench Project

I start off with each build by going out to Danny’s U-Pull it Salvage Yard in North Tulsa. Marsha is a sweet heart and let’s me run through the yard like a wild man! If there is a car part on the build, chances are it came from this place.

The parts are then cut to size, sand blasted, coated and then welded. This build took roughly 64 – 65 hours to complete. That includes pulling the parts, all of the prep, wood work, welding and staining.

This is for sale. If anyone is interested, please let me know. All proceeds go back into the non-profit for future projects and tooling.